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A hot hot non-stick pan is how you make an omelet
How you make an omelet
You need a hot hot pan (moderately hot)

Then you add three eggs that were lightly beaten
They were lightly beaten
And turn the heat down low

Then you cook it real slow slow slow
Keep the pan moving stir the eggs
When the middle still kind of runs
You know your done

Take it off the heat, fold it neat
Into thirds and havenít you heard
(The omelet should be pale yellow.
There should be no browning color whatsoever!)


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Food Science Fact

"To prevent sticking: heat a smooth non-stick the pan first, the metal will expand, filling any holes or irregularities in the pan, then add the fat (butter, or whatever fat you prefer). The pan should be very warm, but not too hot or the eggs will brown upon hitting the surface.

Gentle heating combined with gentle treatment is the secret when cooking any proteins, especially eggs, when eggs (or any protein) are overheated their protein bonds tighten and squeeze out the moisture, resulting in dry leathery eggs.”  

—Corriher, Shirley O., biochemist and food science author, Cookwise, The Hows and Whys of Successful Cooking, pub. William Morrow, (1997) p.205